Important Tips About Pop Up Camper Skirting

 When choosing the appropriate skirting for your pop up camper, it is important to take into consideration certain factors. it is worth noting that rather than get skirting based on the camper model, it is highly recommended that you get the exact and actual measurements before buying the skirting material. To get the height of your camper, measure the height from the base of the pop up camper to the ground, then use the measurements you get to buy the appropriate size.

When it comes to fastening the skirting, take note of the minimum distance expected between the fasteners and follow those instructions. Most skirting will require spacing of between ten (10) and twelve inches (12), this ensures that the skirting is held firmly and in place so as to fully protect the camper.

Here are some examples of pop up camper skirting materials readily available in the market. They include the following:

1) Product Name: 50 foot Side Skirting Kit

Product Price: $ 560.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/5mwNSP

Product Details: the kit does include fifty foot of EZ snap premium RV skirting, fifty five screw studs, pins as well as black caps. When fixing the skirting, make sure to use ten inch (10”) spacing or less. The skirting is readily available in two heights, the thirty seven (37’) inch heights as well as the seventy five (75”) inch heights. It is worth noting that for the 75 inch skirting, an additional $ 280.48 will be required to cater for the extra materials needed. One free removal tool is also provided for those who buy more than one kit.

2) Product Name: 30 Foot Side Skirting Kit

Product Price: $ 336.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/6XtvEa

Product Details: the kit does contain thirty feet of EZ Snap Premium RV skirting as well as thirty five (35) screw studs, pins as well as black caps. Just like all EZ snap skirting material, it is important to provide some ten inches of spacing or less when fixing the same. The skirting material is available in three different colors namely: black, grey and white: to complement the color of any pop up camper. The skirting is also available in different sizes, the thirty seven inch (37) skirting and the seventy five inch (75) skirting height. For the 75 inch height, an additional $ 168.48 will be charged. When fixing the skirting, make sure that the fasteners are placed no more than twelve inches apart.

3) Product Name: RV Skirting

Product Price: $ 2000.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/OVSLcO

Product Details: the price does include all the hardware required to hang or fit the skirting, it does also include storage bags for the skirting while not in use, ten or eight inch galvanized nails needed to stake the skirt down firmly. Because the sizing is measured by the actual length of the RV and not the model, it is possible to have skirting of any size: either as an original manufacture specifications or as an aftermarket product. Each skirt is usually custom made and fit so as to fit each and every specific pop up camper or RV. The skirts usually have adjustable sewer zippers, a patented nail down strap system and longer length on the bottom are some of the additional services on offer.

4) Product Name: Vinyl Skirting Package (32 by 70)

Product Price: $ 756.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/vR7q3Q

Product Details: the package does include skirting panels, fourteen (14) pieces of regular top front, four (4) pieces of notched top front, eighteen (18) pieces of top back, eighteen pieces (18) of ground track as well as a total of two hundred (200) hex head, one inch screws which are used to secure the top back and one hundred (100) spikes used to firmly secure the ground track. The number of skirting panels provided is dependent on the average height from the ground to the bottom of the pop up camp. For a twenty four (24) inch height, you will need twenty seven panels to complete the skirting successfully.  

5) Product Name: 14 by 70 Vinyl Skirting Package

Product Price: $ 624.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/NwWdhm

Product Details: this skirting kit does contain eleven (11) pieces of regular top front, four (4) pieces of notched top front, fifteen (15) pieces of ground track as well as fifteen(15) pieces of ground track. To secure the top back, there are two hundred (200) hex head one inch screws as well as one hundred (100) spikes of seven inch length to secure the ground track. The number of skirting panels to be included on the kit is usually dependent on the average height used after measurement. The most common height for this is twenty eight (28) inch which does require twenty six (26) panels in total.    

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