Important Maintenance Tips About Pop Up Camper Screen Rooms

 To ensure the longevity of your screen room for your pop up camper, there are certain factors you need take into consideration. First and foremost, always open the windows and doors of the screen room when you are collapsing the room. This makes the rolling and storing of the screen room relatively easy and simple. Even though it is highly recommended that you fold the screen room along the original fold lines, this may be difficult after a while when the lines start to fade, a good rule of thumb is usually to fold the screen room about the same length as the screen poles before you roll up the screen room.

It is also important to sweep out the screen room and ensure that all dirt, leaves as well as rocks and branches are all removed from the screen room before it is packed. If you wipe the screen room, leave it to air dry before you re-pack it. Never use a washing machine to clean the screen room.

Here are some examples of readily available pop up camper screen rooms in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Dometic White Standard Xtend –A- Room

Product Price: $ 334.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/BEwGh7

Product Details: two room sizes does fit most sports utility trailers currently in the market space. Its easy access ramp end does open up quite fast for unloading and loading purposes. Has a weatherproof privacy panel as well as custom designed zipper cuffs which help in keeping the harsh elements outside. It is of a flexible fit even though the large and standard sized screen rooms are designed in such a way that fits any sport utility trailer. The inside door frame does mount securely and tightly with no need for extra screws or fasteners.

2) Product Name: Dometic White 13 Foot Awning and Screen Room

Product Price: $ 661.74

Product URL: http://is.gd/zXhd53

Product Details: its eight foot projection does give it a flexibility to fit virtually any RVs desire and need. This is a relatively lightweight screen room and awning all in one. It does easily double the pop-ups living space as well as protects you from the sun from virtually any angle. The fabric is very durable and is also fire retardant. It protects users against bugs while the waterproof vinyl ground guard does help in keeping the interior completely dry. Its domed ceiling does offer some ample head room. It does have an easy to roll-up side door for convenient exit and entry. It does also feature clench lock lever system as well as hold down straps and stakes for added stability.

3) Product Name: Carefree Vacationer Screen Room for 10 to 11 Awnings

Product Price: $ 556.53

Product URL: http://is.gd/8Wfase

Product Details: no dealer installation or drilling is required. For its installation, there are no poles required. Rafters or permanent fasteners are used to attach the screen room to the coach. It is made of lightweight and yet tough material. It is also easy to carry, very easy to install and quick to set up. Its innovative design does work quite seamlessly on many awnings and does also have a rain dump feature. It is specifically designed to fit virtually all 12 volt patios as well as traditional awnings using an eight feet extension. It has a tight seal all around it, keeping out bugs and water. It does come complete with wheel well filler, skirting as well as stakes.

4) Product Name: Carefree Vacationer Screen Room for 16’ to 17’ Awning

Product Price: $ 456.86

Product URL: http://is.gd/O1R53x

Product Details: it does fit awning rail to ground measurements of 86 inches to 150 inches. This high quality lightweight room is specifically designed to fit twelve volt patio awnings as well as traditional awnings with an eight (8) feet extension. The screen room is made from durable, tough and lightweight material and also fits awnings measuring anything between sixteen (16) feet and seventeen (17) feet. Comes with a convenient storage bag and is therefore very easy to carry and store as well. It comes complete with wheel well filler, skirting as well as stakes.

5) Product Name: Dometic White Awning and Screen Room

Product Price: $ 599.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/NBKAqL

Product Details: it does feature as much as 880 cubic feet of additional living space for your pop up. Made from a highly durable fabric that’s not only lightweight but is also fire retardant and waterproof. The domed ceiling of the screen room does provide users with additional head room. For the purpose of stability, it does have hold down buckle straps as well as stakes. The top panel mesh vents provide lots of fresh air circulation. The heavy duty ground guard that’s made from 500 denier waterproof vinyl does keep the interior extra dry. The wheel well skirt does provide a 360 degree screened in protection.

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