Factors To Consider When Shopping For Pop Up Camper Entry Doors

There are numerous factors which one has to take into consideration when shopping for a pop up camper entry door. Firstly, it is important to decide on whether one wants a full or split door configuration for the doors: the full doors are the most popular and the configuration you opt for is mostly dictated by the Original door fitted on your pop up camper.

It is also important to take into consideration the material used to make the door with aluminum as well as standard, all white powder coated frames and fiberglass core being quite common. The ease with which you can install the door is also a critical factor worth thinking about, this is especially so if you intend to install it yourself.

Here are some good examples of high quality pop up camper entry doors readily available in the market. They include:

1) Product Name: Dexter 24” by 72” Square Entrance Door (LH)

Product Price: $ 479.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/rfwUpU

Product Details: this outer door has 12 by 21 radius cornered window fitted with obscure glass. To give it a sturdy and strong assembly, the frame has been mechanically fastened. The doors feature extruded hinges with bushings made from stainless steel. To prevent instances of sagging, a full length pin is used. It has a sloped threshold which helps in the provision of better drainage while the drip cap does reduce labor during the installation period. Polar white outer door with a well fitting interior screen door, the pre-cambered lock does seal the door very tightly to the frame.

2) Product Name: 30 by 72 Radius Entrance Door (RH)

Product Price: $ 429.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/0JRSAY

Product Details: this is a 1000 fiberglass skin door which is also fitted with a 12 by 21 inch obscure glass window. Also fitted with flush lock with dead bolt and an all white aluminum extrusion, it is also worth mentioning that the door does come with a screen door. It has a silver threshold as well as a matching screw cover trim. The measurement used is for the rough opening only and care should be taken when getting the relevant measurements for these doors. The door is Polar white in color.

3) Product Name: 24 by 68 Radius Entrance Door (RH)

Product Price: $ 429.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/nvkXLU

Product Details: has a flush mount white lock with a deadbolt , giving some additional defense to the door. It is made from 1000 fiberglass skin and has a 12 by 21 obscured glass window which not only provides the required light but still affords users some privacy. It does have a white frame around the window which does match the door. The door does also have an all white aluminum extrusion as well as a sliver colored threshold with a screw cover. The deadbolt is on the left hand side while the hinges are on the right hand side of the door. The screen door latch does detach and attach to the entry door quite easily, this makes it possible to watch your surroundings from the comfort of your pop up camper.

4) Product Name: 24 by 72 Square Entrance Door (RH)

Product Price: $ 459.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/MBOoRr

Product Details: this outer door does have a radius cornered window measuring 12 by 21 and fitted with obscure glass. The core assembly of this particular entry door does comprise of damage resistant fiberglass on both the interior and exterior surfaces. The door does have an extruded aluminum frame that has its corners reinforced. The built in screen door does have a lever latch which secures it firmly onto the primary door. The adjustable strike plate and the pre-cambered lock do ensure that the door has a positive seal while the sloped threshold does greatly improve the drainage of the door. The core edge is protected from damage by the strong aluminum core. The door does have a dependable knob lever lock.

5) Product Name: 30 by 72 Radius Entrance Door (RH)

Product Price: $ 429.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/yafph1

Product Details: for the frame assembly, the outer frame is mechanically fastened so as to enhance safety and security. They are also fitted with extruded hinges which has some stainless steel bushings as well as full length hinge pins. It does have a built in drip cap installed, while the core assembly does consist of damage resistant fiberglass and an adjustable strike plate as well as a pre-cambered lock. The door does have a strong extruded aluminum core surround. The door does also have a strong and dependable knob lever lock as well as a full interior screen door.

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