How To Go About Choosing The Right Replacement Pop Up Camper Crank Handle

Once your crank handle just spins when it’s turned or it can’t pull in the sash far enough so as to engage the lock then most likely the gears are quite stripped and it is therefore high time you replaced it with a new crank mechanism. Getting a crank may take a while and some effort and it is therefore important to know where and what to look for. There are several key factors one has to take into consideration when looking for a replacement crank handle.

First and foremost it is important to get the right size of crank handle. These handles are very specific and as a matter of fact some full service hardware stores will demand that you go with or mail an old crank so as to get a match. This is especially so if the pop up camper you are using is no longer in production. Fortunately though, most crank handles are standardized according to various models and therefore using the models one can be able to get an appropriate handle that’s ideal and appropriate for your pop up camper.

It is also important to check on the size of the crank handle, the measurements to look out for include the size of the handle, the middle size, the oval ends as well as the oval widths. Depending on the crank handle, most of these details are usually written on the base of the handle in question. Apart from these sizes, it is also important to check on the material used to manufacture the handles, the most common material used is usually stainless steel and aluminum. The rim of the handle can either be made from plastic or even wood; this depends on the type and size of the crank handle in question.

The finish on the crank handle does also matter, try and get a crank handle that also complements the overall look of your pop up camper, its those small things that give your camper that unique and stylish feel that every keen eye is bound to take note of when you are out camping.

Here are some of the most common pop up camper crank handles readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Goshen Stamping Pop up Camper Crank Handle

Product Price: $ 34.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/0YIPTv

Product Details: has a black handle with black serrated knob and a part plastic construction. It is easy to use and handle. It does work for a wide variety of pop up camper models such as Starcraft, versions from 1994 to current, Rockwood, models from 1993 to current, Flagstaff, Skamper, Dutchmen, and Coachmen by Forest River models from 2009 and Palomino, Models from 1980 to current. The handle measures 4 ¼ inches, the middle part does measure 10 7/8 inches, the oval end length does measure 12 3/16 inches whereas the oval width is .85 inches.

2) Product Name: L& W Jayco Viking Tent/ Pop up Camper Crank Handle

Product Price: $ 34.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/6kvHKT

Product Details: this crank handle part does work for all models of Jayco, (for all years) Coachmen which are prior to 2009, pop-up / tent campers and Vikings for all years. The handle does measure 4 ¼ inches, the middle does measure 9 inches, the oval end length is 11 ¼ inches whereas the oval width is .88 inches. It is made to last with its sturdy design and stylish finish. Made from stainless steel, the crank handle is rust free and is quite portable too.

3) Product Name: Coleman / Fleetwood Pop Up Crank Handle

Product Price: $ 31.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/vhE9DF

Product Details: when you are getting everything prepared for your summer camping trips, it is important to remember your trailer crank handle. These crank has some rather standard dimensions, the handle does measure 4.5 inches, the middle does measure 8.5 inches whereas the oval width is 7/8 inches and the oval end length does measure 8.5 inches. They are quite portable, sturdy and don a rather traditional design. The crank handle is ideal for all Coleman models up to 2012 Coleman and the 2009 Fleetwood as well.

4) Product Name: Rockwood Pop up/ Tent Camper replacement Crank Handle

Product Price: $ 34.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/3HTVpI

Product Details: this model does work for Rockwood Pop up /Tent campers which were manufactured prior to 1993. It does have the following dimensions, the handle does measure 4 ¼ inches, the middle part of the crank measures 11 inches, the oval end length does measure 10.25 inches whereas the oval width is an inch. This essential piece of your camper trailer has a sturdy design and has a beautiful finish that’s made to last.

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