Create Some Shade And Protection From The Sun With Pop Up Camper Awnings

Replacing and old and dilapidated or damaged pop up camper awning does without any shred of doubt bring some new life into the camper and also does make the entire camping experience not only more enjoyable but also more engaging and lively for everyone involved. When looking for an awning, it is important to take into consideration certain factors such as the ease of installation and how portable the awning is. In most instances, you may find your pop up camper short of space and you therefore don’t want to carry a bulky, space consuming item.

It is also important to take into consideration the color and overall décor of the pop up camper. Try and get an awning that complements the overall look, this is especially so if you have recently changed your canvas material.  

Here are some examples of pop up camper awnings available in the market. They include the following leading brands:

1) Product Name: Carefree of Colorado Buena Vista 4 Meters Awning Room

Product Price: $ 675.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/ECTxiA

Product Details: it is lightweight and easy to set up. No need to drill any holes in the coach for any installation, you simply attach to an existing awning. It does also come in an easy to store bag, the support rafters are quite adept at keeping the canopy taut so as to seal the room really tight. The ends of this awning lock up pretty tight against the awning case or vehicle and the roller without necessarily drilling any holes or coming up with permanent mounts. Measures thirteen feet and one inch or four meters and comes in gray with dark gray trim.

2) Product Name: Carefree of Colorado 4 meter Campout Pop Up Awning

Product Price: $ 514.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/TJD07o

Product Details: this campout awning has a very durable and sturdy construction, with heavy duty aluminum channels and a rugged vinyl fabric which makes the awning one of the strongest in the market. It is also quite easy to set up with self storing braces and arms which do simply fold into the lead bar with very minimal effort, in addition, the flip lock levers serve to make the adjustment of brace and arm relatively easy and quick. It is available in a variety of colors to perfectly match your pop up camper. The assembly is housed in a white vinyl, slim and zippered bag that easily attaches to the rail of the awning once it is fixed.

3) Product Name: A& E Dometic 12 Foot Cranberry Pop Up Camper Awning

Product Price: $ 365.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/jbUe5o

Product Details: this does install pretty easily on a campers awning rail: the trim line comes stored nicely in zippered pouch that’s waterproof. It is made from reinforced, durable vinyl fabric and is available in eight to twelve foot lengths. They are readily available in a variety of colors such as Cranberry, Blue Steel, Meadow Green, Flint and Bark. The new click clock poles do ensure that once you have it installed, the desired pitch will be maintained. The support poles are adjustable and the tension rafters are spring loaded for stability.

4) Product Name: A & E Dometic 8 Foot Bark Trim Line Camper Awning

Product Price: $ 323.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/XUW8vR

Product Details: the trim line is a very compact, relatively light weight and very affordable awning that’s been specially designed for pop up campers. The awning does install quite easily on the awning rails, providing some valuable shade and some extra living space. It is made from reinforced and durable vinyl and is available in different sizes as well as colors. Its polycord sewn in bag does slide into the awning rail and all parts stow in the zippered bag. For safe keeping, the zippered pouch used to store the awning is waterproof.

5) Product Name: Carefree of Colorado 3 meter Campout Trailer Campout RV awning

Product Price: $ 325.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/rxflyc

Product Details: it comes in a durable and yet very portable vinyl bag which is fitted with a loop and hook fastener strap which does hold the rolled up canopy quite securely inside the zippered pouch. The canopy extensions are 8 feet and the assembly is housed in a white vinyl zippered bag that attaches itself onto the rail of the pop up camper. The extruded aluminum structure does consist of a sturdy lead bar which is used to keep the fold out braces and arms. The available lengths are from 2 to 4 meters: this does imply 8 feet , 5 inches to 13 feet 1 inch. This particular awning is only available in sierra brown and gray.

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